Rob Croonenborghs (artist), based in Belgium, is the colorist for A Wave New World’s Kismet, Man of Fate. [“The King’s Daughter’s Earring” (adapted from Timeless Tales: Folktales Told by Syrian Refugees in 2015)]

Ursula Murray Husted (artist), cartoonist and author of The Lions of Valletta, teaches comics and is program director for the Entertainment Design BFA program at the University of Wisconsin, Stout. [“The Miller and the Two Djinn” (adapted from “Syrian Folklore Notes Gathered on Mount Lebanon” in 1898)]

Joseba Morales (artist), based in Spain, Joseba is the proprietor of Garabatos and works professionally in sequential art curricula for kids. [“The Story of the Five Cakes” (adapted from Folktales from Syria in 2004)]

Taylor Hastings (letterer), the founder of Ghost Slyph Studios, will be working in tandem with Farrah, giving the Arabic lettering a consistent, professional look.

Farrah Hamza (translator, Arabicist), studying in London by way of Libya, specializes in the Syrian dialect at King’s College, UK. In addition to translation of the scripts’ dialog and captions into Arabic, she’ll be teaming with me to watch for false idioms as well as “triggers” in the stories themselves.

Nadia Alawa (NuDay Syria founder) lends her experience and expertise with NuDay Syria as, in comics industry-speak, both our distributors and our “street team.” Nadia has volunteered not only to take shipments of the comic overseas to parts of Syria but also to report back on children’s reception of the book (so that it might be revised and expanded to meet their further needs, potentially).

Jim Shaw (cover colorist), a 10-year illustration veteran, has worked across a variety of publishing formats, most especially children’s books with author Heidi Aigler.

Mexi Gremillion (assistant), screenwriter and an alumna of Brandeis University, is the creator of Press Play and a writer for Comicosity.